Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Leaked

Microsoft continuously improves Windows 7 reg and Windows Server reg 2008 R2 by providing ongoing updates while working with software and hardware vendors to deliver application compatibility and hardware compatibility improvements Service Pack 1 SP1 is another vehicle through which Microsoft provides operating system improvements to customers
SP1 is an update to both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 that along with improvements delivered to users via other channels addresses feedback from our customers As with previously released updates SP1 contains changes that are focused on addressing specific reliability performance and compatibility issues supporting new types of hardware and adding support for several emerging standards SP1 also continues to improve upon the IT administration experience SP1 is not intended to be a vehicle for releasing new features however some existing components do gain slightly enhanced functionality in SP1

Service packs also help ensure that your systems are up to date Updates to the Windows operating system including updates released with bulletins from the Microsoft Support Response Center will be reviewed and built only for currently supported service packs Installing the latest service pack ensures customers have the maximum support lifecycle for their investment nbsp Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 will include previously released updates and will deliver a number of powerful new features for Windows Server 2008 R2 for virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI New techniques in memory management with the addition of Dynamic Memory functionality as well as the ability to deliver full fidelity graphic experiences in remote and virtualized environments with RemoteFX trade enable organizations to realize the greatest possible potential from their infrastructure The resulting increase in efficiency and functionality allows for accelerated server consolidation a more powerful virtualized desktop infrastructure and an increased return on technology investments
The impact of SP1 on the Windows 7 client operating system is considered to be minimal Included changes are expected to address minor usability issues in specific scenarios as outlined in this document While Microsoft always recommends that users deploy the latest service pack as quickly as possible in order to maintain the best levels of support security and user experience we are strongly recommending to customers and partners that deployment of SP1 should not be considered a blocking issue for the adoption of Windows 7 nbsp In other words organizations do not need to wait for SP1 to begin receiving the value of Windows 7 today as we don rsquo t anticipate the SP1 for Windows 7 to be substantial

Source:Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Leaked

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