Curran's Atlas of Histopathology

Curran’s Atlas of Histopathology 3th.ed.

By R. C. Curran, J. Crocker, R.C. Curran,

* Publisher: A Harvey Miller Publication
* Number Of Pages: 288
* Publication Date: 1999-04-15
* Sales Rank: 358891
* ISBN / ASIN: 0192632205
* EAN: 9780192632203
* Binding: Paperback
* Manufacturer: A Harvey Miller Publication
* Studio: A Harvey Miller Publication
* Average Rating: 4
* Total Reviews: 2

Book Description: )

This is the fourth edition of Professor Curran’s well-known and widely used colour atlas of histopathology. The has been completely revised and there have been additional immunohistological images added to the 804 full colour illustrations that make the atlas such a valuable reference for students and pathologists alike. The general arrangement of the s has been retained, with a chapter on each of the main systems or organs of the body. There is an introductory chapter of a general nature which demonstrates the more important reactions of the tissues in disease and at the same time teaches the student the basic language of histopathology, thereby enabling him or her to read and assess the significance of changes in the tissue as revealed by microscopy. Most of the conditions are common or fairly common diseases, but occasional rare lesions are included. This book is primarily an atlas, the primary purpose of which is to convey information in visual form. It is meant to complement existing books. A new comprehensive index has been prepared for this edition. The book is intended primarily for undergraduate students but experience with its predecessors suggests that it is likely to prove useful to postgraduate students in training in pathology or other clinical disciplines.

Date: 2007-02-15 Rating: 3

Useful but not impressed.

Though this book is certainly useful, as a second year medical student I’ve found it to cover certain topics with excessive detail on certain topics, and to complete skip others. For example, there’s not a single blood smear in the book, which I thought was a major oversight.

Date: 2006-01-05 Rating: 5

Great resourse for pathology lab exams

I found this book to be a great review source for slide review for lab exams. Each slide shows a very typical example of a pathological condition and comes with an explanation of the key features. It is a great way to focus your studies for exams or prepare for slide presentations if your class requires them.

This is NOT the full book. Its only the colour plates compiled by WebExe in 85 pages each containing 6 pathology pics

No original is included whatsoever

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pass : rusr

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